Webinar: Support Systems: Integrating Job Coaches and Supported Employment Into Talent Strategies

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 12pm - 1pm Eastern

Supported Employment is a systematic process of achieving competitive, integrated employment outcomes for individuals with significant disabilities through long-term supports – often including the engagement of a job coach. While more than half (51%) of the 485 companies that completed the 2023 Disability Equality Index indicated that they have employees with significant disabilities who use Supported Employment, the concept remains widely misunderstood and under-utilized in talent strategies. This webinar will more fully define Supported Employment and job coaching while also spotlighting companies that have made Supported Employment a successful component of their talent acquisition and development strategies.


  • Erica Brody, Disability & Inclusion Strategist at Google


  • Anne Hudson, Absence Management Manager - Accommodations at Southwest

  • Erica Chavez, Global Lead Human Resources Business Partner at Dow

  • Vikrant Bhardwaj, Global Director - Head of International Recruitment at BNY Mellon




This webinar is only open to Disability:IN Partner employees. Please do not share with external parties.